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“As the Director of Graduate Student Success, I get the privilege of supporting Graduate students in their programs through graduation. My team and I assist with registration, advising, funding, and program questions for our 2,000+ students. The Graduate programs have grown so much in my nearly 12 years with Park University and we strive to provide the best service that we can. The greatest feeling that we experience is when students are so appreciative of our guidance and send us the kindest notes of thanks for encouraging them. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing students that we have been working with for two or more years on the graduation list and walking across the stage to get hooded. We interact with a lot of working adults who are trying to fit school into their very busy lives and seeing them reach their goal is a very proud moment. Their success is very much our success and we are in this together!

I also work with the individual Graduate Programs (faculty and staff) to help make the student experience the best that it can be. Whether we are working to streamline services and communications or trying to add on new programs, we have a team based approach and work well together. It is exciting to see new programs that they would like to launch, initiatives to pursue, and opportunities that they want to make students aware of. To be able to work with such passionate colleagues makes the work even that much more fulfilling. Also, the collaborative environment that I work in helps to provide students with the resources that they need to be successful in the programs.

When it comes to advise that I would provide to students, I would say to never give up. Coming back to earn a Master’s degree is a very worthwhile venture and life can get in the way or a tough class can make you frustrated, but you need to keep moving forward. We understand the sacrifices that you are making to go to the next level for your career and we do not take for granted the hard work that you are putting in to achieve your goal. Continue to take those steps in the journey to complete your degree, tap into the resources that we offer, and do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are invested in helping you receive your diploma and we know that you can do it. Keep up the amazing work that you are doing and know that we are very proud in what you are reaching to achieve!”


Jon Ritterbush | Director of Library Services & Learning Commons

“I have been a librarian for over 20 years and am honored to serve as the Director of Library Service and the Norrington Learning Commons at Park University.  I work with some outstanding colleagues to maintain the library’s online databases, the print collections stored underground, the university’s archives, and the learning facilities and assistance based in Norrington.  I’ve also been an information junkie all my life, so I’ve always enjoyed helping students and faculty connect with the sources they need, whether it’s a book, an online journal article, streaming video, or a statistical table. “This is perfect!” are three golden words I strive to hear.

When I’m not working, I enjoy running outdoors and am currently training for my third marathon.  An African proverb says that if you want to run fast, run alone; if you want to run far, run together. This same wisdom could apply to the pursuit of a university diploma.  Students should never feel they must go it alone to succeed academically. Research, tutoring, and mentoring assistance is available to all Park students regardless of their major or location. My advice would be to seek help without shame, and once you’re confidently succeeding in a class, offer to study with your classmates or encourage them to seek help from the Norrington Learning Commons staff (see or  All of the Norrington staff are here to help students go farther.”


Jenny Keane | Development Director, University Advancement

“As a Development Director, I help match the needs of the University with the passions of alumni and friends of Park. The favorite part of my job is meeting with alumni from across the country, hearing their Park stories and sharing how they can impact our current students. It’s very rewarding when you meet with an alumnus who shares that without the scholarships from Park and the individual attention they wouldn’t be who they are today.

My advice? Combine your strengths with your passion. I always wanted to change the world but didn’t want to be in social services. I found a way to combine my strengths in marketing and my passion for impacting other’s lives when I became a fundraiser. When you are excited about what you do every day, your passion will help you be successful. When you are unhappy at your job your coworkers know. Always be a positive and respectful team member. Take responsibility and learn from your mistakes. You’ll make them. Remember to learn from them.”



Dr. Roger Kugler | Director, International Center for Music

“As the Director of the International Center for Music, I serve our students and faculty in a wide variety of ways. This is a unique position with responsibilities for managing the academic program including scheduling of classes, curriculum assessment, and development, submission of reports to academic affairs, assigning faculty workloads, assessing faculty work, etc. Additionally, I collaborate with my music colleagues to establish, schedule and implement a very busy recital and concert series (over 70 events in the 2016-2017 year), managing ticket sales, budgeting, contracts for guest performers, and contracting venues for all performances. Managing the operational budget, fundraising, and accounting for all music scholarships are part of my fiduciary responsibilities. I love my work, and every day is new, different, and exciting. I most enjoy the constant interaction I have on a daily basis with our incredibly gifted students and faculty. The music faculty at ICM are the most dedicated professionals that I have ever been with in my 35 plus years of music administration in higher education. It is an honor to serve Park University and I can’t always find the words to express my appreciation for all the support we receive from the administration, board of trustees, and campus faculty and staff. The ICM program at Park University is truly a “world-class” program that helps make Park unique and distinctive.

My advice? Dream big, work hard, never give up, and keep as many options available as possible.”



I am the Vendor Manager for the Information Technology Services (ITS) department. This means I am the liaison between Park and any ITS-related equipment or software vendors, and the majority of technology purchased Park comes through me. I would have to say that one of my favorite parts of the job is to take part in the various projects that enhance the technology used by our students, faculty, and staff. Building out the new Norrington Center, redesigning the Downtown campus, and implementing Pirate Patch are some of my favorite projects that I have recently worked on. These projects created better facilities for the students to use as well as allowed students the ability to attend courses they otherwise would not have been available to them.

My advice to the students is to take advantage of the technology Park provides and to provide feedback to us on how we can improve your technological experience at Park. We are always looking for ways to enhance your involvement at Park so that you can get the most out of your education and be better equipped with the tools you will need in the workplace.”

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