Alumni Council Members

 Elizabeth Weese Muncal

Park Degree: Bachelor of Arts, 2005

Major: Journalism and Public Relations

Campus: Parkville, Missouri

While at Park, I served as editor of The Stylus, and was the Chief Operating Officer of Pirate Grounds when it was in its first years and housed in the foyer of the McAffee underground. I was also active in the theatre program, acting in several plays and working on sets along the way as well. I even had the starring role my senior year as a dog named Sylvia.

After graduation, I worked in NFL and MLB stadiums in Kansas City, Seattle and Los Angeles. I then moved to Arizona and began my career in the nonprofit sector working at Arizona State University for four years in alumni and development. I then transitioned to A. T. Still University, where I served as Director of Development until November 2013. I now work at Scottsdale Healthcare Foundation as a fundraiser. I earned my Master in Nonprofit Studies in 2011 from Arizona State University.

What are you doing now? I am a fundraiser for Scottsdale Healthcare, a community based 3 hospital system in Scottsdale, AZ.

Family: I have been married for one year to my husband, Mike, and we have a four legged baby, Bella.

Where do you presently live? Scottsdale, AZ

Kathryn Slaughter
President Elect

Park Degree: Bachelor of Science, 2016; Master of Healthcare Administration, 2018

Major: Business Administration – Management

Campus: Parkville, MO

While at Park, I was involved with Revive Christian fellowship, Sigma Alpha Pi, and the Student Creative Arts and Research Symposium. I finished my BS in Business Administration/Management with department honors and Cum Laude merit. I was fortunate enough to be a recipient for the Blithe Family Foundation scholarship, for which I am grateful.

After graduation, I continued my educational pursuits at Park and began my Master of Healthcare Administration. I worked as a Graduate Assistant in the Global Warrior Center for my first year of graduate studies, then took on the position of Instructional Design Graduate Assistant.

What are you doing now? I’m currently pursuing my MHA at Park while working as a Graduate Assistant in Instructional Design. Outside of work and academia, I’m actively involved with my church and volunteer opportunities.

Family: I’m incredibly thankful for the support that I receive from my parents and my brothers. My brother, Mark, is also a Park University student.

Where do you presently live? Kansas City, MO

Term expires 2020

James (Zac) Jarrard

Park Degree: Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science, Summa Cum Laude, 2016; Master of Public Affairs, 2017; Master of Business Administration, 2018

Major: Political Science and Economics

Campus: Parkville, Missouri

While at Park, I founded the Business and Investment Club in January 2014. I hosted free seminars for students, connected students with other businesses, and took a few club members to the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholder’s Meeting. I also served in the Park Student Government Association as the Business Manager during 2015-2016. In April 2016, I was honored to receive the Outstanding Parkite Award.

After graduation, I continued my education by starting my Master’s in Public Affairs at Park’s Graduate School. I aspire to be a business owner and to get involved with public service. I plan to continue volunteer opportunities both at Park and within the community.

What are you doing now? Currently, I am working toward completing a Master’s in Public Affairs at Park University. I work at Park as a Graduate Assistant and Professional Tutor for the Academic Support Center.

Family: I am single. My parents are my biggest inspiration and my Mother is a Park Alumni. My sister graduated from Park Hill High School and will be attending Park starting in Fall 2016.

Where do you presently live? Kansas City, MO

Term expires 2019

George Ramsey III

Park Degree: Bachelor of Public Administration, 2012

Major: Public Administration

While at Park, I was serving on active duty in the U.S. Army, and often enrolled in two classes per term. I chose to attend classes in person rather than online. Choosing this method of learning allowed me to meet so many wonderful people who I remain in contact with today.

After graduation, I enrolled at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. I earned my Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership in 2014.

What are you doing now? I retired after 31 years in uniform in September 2016.

Family: My wife Dorice and I have two children, a son who will graduate from college this year, and a daughter who started college in Fall 2016.

Where do you presently live? Marion, IA

Term expires 2019

Kathryn Phillips Hernandez
Immediate Past President

Park Degree: Bachelor of Arts, 1983; Master of Public Affairs (in progress)
Major: Mathematics; Public Affairs in Business, Government and Global Society
Campus: Parkville, Missouri and Online

While at Park, I lived on campus in Herr House and New Dorm (now Dearing). I was a member of Alpha Phi Omega, Iota chapter, the PSGA president and secretary, a recipient of Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, and selected as Outstanding Senior Woman (Parkite); I loved being at the Park campus and being part of the Park family!

After graduation, I continued my progress toward being a lifetime learner by attending graduate school studying mathematics while working as a graduate teaching assistant. I joined the “real world” working in the actuarial department of an insurance company then in the finance/admin department of another business. After a time I found my niche in the non-profit industry. I am a long-time platelet donor, church and community volunteer including my service on the Alumni Council. Working with the Alumni Council has been a labor of love. We help the Alumni Association help the university, help future and current students, and help alums reconnect with others. This is a pivotal time in the existence of the Association and the University as we make connections with students and alumni all over the world..

Family: I am blessed to be a wife, mother and grandmother. I am married with four daughters, the youngest lives at home, the second youngest is on an 18-month church mission, and the two eldest are married with children. My daughter, Ariel, is a Park grad!.

What are you doing now? I am working on a Master of Public Affairs degree through Park’s Hauptmann School of Public Affairs. I plan to continue in the NFP sector using my skills, experiences, and newly acquired education to make a difference in the lives of individuals. When time permits, I enjoy reading, paper crafting, family history, indexing historical records, and spending time with my family. I love math jokes and puns (thanks to Daley Walker!).

Where do you presently live? Saint Joseph, MO

Seth Arnold

Park Degree: Master of Business Administration, 2016

Major: Business Administration

Campus: Parkville & Downtown Kansas City, MO

While at Park, I was a full-time employee at Honeywell FM&T and serving in the Univted States Marine Corps and Marine Corps Reserve.

After graduation, I continued to work with both organizations.

What are you doing now? I am a Sr. Security Compliance Manager at Honeywell.

Family: Married, no children, 2 dogs

Where do you presently live? Parkville, MO

Term expires 2021

Stephanie L. Burgess

Park Degree: Bachelor of Science, 2009; Master of Business Administration, 2013; Master of Healthcare Administration, 2017

Major: Business Management

Campus: Multiple Campus Sites

While at Park, I was a member of Phi Theta Kappa and a member of the National Youth Sports Coaches Association. I was also on the honor roll as both an online and traditional student.

What are you doing now? Post graduation, I worked for Farmers Insurance Group as a Licensed Claims Adjuster, now serving as an agent in the Kansas City Area.

Family: My personal life is equally intense and the most rewarding. The titles in life I cherish the most is that of a mother and Navy wife. I am married to an active duty Sailor and have 3 children in which I devote a great deal of time and involve myself in everything they do.

Where do you presently live? Bremerton, WA

Term expires 2020

Christopher Cribb

Park Degree: Bachelor of Arts, 2004

Major: Business Administration, International Business

Campus: Parkville, MO

While at Park, I was a full-time manager for a technology company that had just returned from a year of schooling in France. I had a role that included my setting up business operations in Portugal and Australia and went to the night, summer and the downtown campus(s) to finish my education. I loved the international focus of Park & selected to transfer in because Park had a degree emphasis in International Business that other schools did not.

After graduation, I moved from success in the technology world into running an international wine import / export business that started in the Park University commercial underground. After 10 years as a sommelier and wine expert I transitioned into the exciting world of real estate.

What are you doing now? I am the managing broker / VP leading the ReeceNichols Office in Parkville MO. This growing real estate groups of 75 agents sold over 125+ million dollars in residential real estate in 2017 & more importantly helped 600 families find their homes! Everyday I work as a head coach to train, motivate & recruit the best agents in real estate to our family.

Family: I have two beautiful daughters, Ellie Cribb (7) & Rosie Cribb (3) that are my daily inspiration!

Where do you presently live? Westwood, KS

Term expires 2021

Melissa Furman

Park Degree: Bachelor of Science, 2014; Master of Business Administration, 2016

Major: Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement, Human Resources

Campus: Fort Bliss, TX; Wright Patterson Air Force Base; Parkville, MO

While at Park, I was a military spouse – we PCS’d (a/k/a military move) to four different states while I was working on my Bachelor’s degree and MBA. Because of Park’s military installation locations, the transitions between campus locations was simple. I am also a mom of twin boys, so Park’s online courses were perfect for balancing mom duties while attending classes full time.

After graduation, I began studying for my SHRM-SCP exam (which I passed!) and began a doctoral program.

What are you doing now? Since we recently arrived back to Fort Leavenworth I am getting our family settled in and seeking employment.

Family: My husband Thomas is active duty Army, we have twin 7 year old boys and a sweet golden retriever named Kota .

Where do you presently live? Fort Leavenworth, KS

Term expires 2021

Timothy Griffin

Park Degree: Bachelor of Arts, 2018

Major: Psychology, Minor-Sociology

Campus: Parkville, MO & Online

While at Park, I was widely involved with many student organizations and unofficially designated groups of students. As a commuter student, I did not live in the dorms and a lot of my efforts were deliberately precise to be availably open to socialization with the student body, which also helped give me insight into less involved student populations beyond the traditional-aged college undergraduates who contrastingly also have careers and families to take care of outside of their identity as a college student. While I was a club officer and member for many student clubs, my most significant role was as Secretary for the Business & Investment Club from 2017-2018, where I played a pivotal role collaboratively planning operationally with the club co-founder, fellow club officers, certain administrative staff inspired to facilitate, and rallying club members in a year-long campaign that culminated in our university club being selected last minute to interpersonally meet Warren Buffett at his vehement insistence after being personally touched by our efforts and facilitatively mindful tactics for his consideration to attend his unknown to us at the time, final Student Q&A session up in Omaha, NE, along with new MBA candidate representatives from universities like Yale and Stanford to discuss ethical business leadership in order to impart wisdom for the world’s future global business leaders who will lead change. I also served as Vice President for Park University’s Psi Chi honor society branch in 2018 and conducted experimental psychology research in a small team quantitatively measuring creativity, which is a field with academic gaps called to action to be filled in its understanding since its need being highlighted the 1950s. The research study’s findings were orally presented at the Missouri Academy of Science in 2018. I also served as a cinematographer for the Park Stylus in 2016, the student-run newspaper and would using university owned equipment, video record events on campus for editing and publication on the website and YouTube. My efforts to incorporate the scenery with the students interacting within their environment have been described as engagingly dynamic. Finally, I would also like to highlight my time as a Senator for the Park Student Government Association from 2017-2018 where my analytical insight and proactive availability as a reliable student leader in a bureaucratic setting greatly helped facilitate creative problem solving regarding concerns the student body has, as well as proactively identifying concerns not yet realized for the best possible student experience in liaison with staff, faculty, external auditors, and other organizations interacting with Park University for its services and events.

After graduation, I continued my career path as research analyst contractor for the Department of Defense, having while simultaneously as an undergraduate at Park University developed, analysed, and reported with regular feedback along the way for nationally deployed customer satisfaction studies and assessment and evaluation for the institutional effectiveness of a certain government agency. My work at the time as a methodological researcher tied in closely hand in hand with my experimental psychology studies and student research projects under the Department of Psychology and Sociology at Park University and quickly gained a reputation both at Park and within my agency community for adept creative problem solving and logical insight.

What are you doing now? Currently, I am working in a post-doctoral level research team, taking a leading role in how military leaders use systems thinking to frame and solve complex operational challenges in their applied leadership. I continue maintaining an active presence at the Parkville campus because I was widely active across the board with many student groups during my time as an undergraduate and continue to establish new connections and understanding as an alumnus, making new friends with people who I did not yet have a chance to interact with as well as new incoming freshmen who are newly acclimating and exploring their new identity and environment. These personal qualities of kindly seeking understanding and motivating people along with my wide skillset and quick learning are assets to help gain the best understanding and bridging of the student bodies and where they proceed forward developmentally onwards.

Family: I come from a family deeply rooted in academia, including my grandfather who at the height of his career served as the Dean of the College of Social Sciences at University of Hawai’i at Manoa. My father was a professor of anthropology and one of the first pioneering researchers in the controversial integration of social scientists among the US military in the field during the early-mid 2000’s. During grade school, I would sometimes spend time after school on my father’s campus, especially the library of Christopher Newport University in Virginia and foundationally from a young age gained a feel for campus life and its complex institutional structures between staff, faculty, students, and how they interact within their environments. My mother has a Master’s of Education from the top-rated prestigious education program at University of Illinois-Urbana and is a former middle school teacher.

Where do you presently live? Kansas City, MO

Term expires 2019

Valerie Jaramillo-Babbitt

Park Degree: Master of Healthcare Administration, 2016; Master of Business Administration, 2017

Major: Human Resource Management

Campus: Parkville, MO

While at Park, I was very pleased with my experience. My professors were challenging and encouraged me to push myself. In addition, my peers were classmates in the best sense of the word, which enabled me to build friendships along the way.

After graduation, I started employment with Wexford Place Assisted Living & Memory Support as their licensed nursing home administrator. I am responsible for the overall management of the community, which includes planning, developing, directing, monitoring and supporting all operations. A key component of my position involves staying abreast of state and federal requirements and regulations to ensure that residents are healthy and safe.

What are you doing now? Currently I am focusing on my career and family. I also facilitate a monthly Parkinson’s support group that provides a means of connecting with others that share similar experiences. The group provides a means of support and education in hopes of assisting a more meaningful and healthy life for those impacted by the disease.

Family: I am a proud mother of three boys who are one, five and eighteen. My oldest is currently in basic training for the Missouri National Guard, my five year old has recently joined Cub Scouts, and my youngest is learning new things each day. I am very blessed to have a supportive husband that is amazing with our boys and fun to share life with.

Where do you presently live? Lee’s Summitt, MO

Term expires 2021

Ryan Kinne

Park Degrees: Bachelor of Arts, 2009; Master of Business Administration, 2014

Major: Finance and Marketing

While at Park, I worked hard and was a presidential member of Sigma Alpha Pi (National Society of Leadership and Success). My name appeared on the dean’s list three times throughout my undergraduate journey. Also, I was a member of the American Marketing Association chapter at Park. In 2009, I graduated magna cum laude in undergraduate studies. While completing my MBA, I became a member of Delta Mu Delta (honor society for business administration for graduate school).

After graduation, I worked a temporary job with H&R Block for the 2009 tax season as a bookkeeper. Shortly after that job, I decided to pursue an opportunity with DST Systems, Inc. in 2010 as a mutual fund/corporate securities representative in Kansas City.

What are you doing now? I am currently working in the financial services industry for Boston Financial Data Services, Inc. in the Midwest headquarters here in KC. We provide transfer agency services to a large portion of mutual fund clients in the country. My title is a Team Coordinator in the financial control department. I have been within the DST Systems, Inc. enterprise since 2010, and enjoy the challenge that this industry brings. I am also a member of the Northland Young Professionals and Toastmasters International.

Family: Married to Susan Kinne (MBA student at Park).

Where do you presently live? Liberty, MO

Term expires 2019

Derrick W. Quarterman

Park Degree: Bachelor of Science, 2003

Major: Management/ Computer Information Systems

Campus: Moody AFB

While at Park, I completed the Bachelor of Science, Management Computer Information Systems degree at Moody AFB, GA, while serving active duty. I was taking classes at night and online to accelerate my degree completion. My goal was to get my degree so that I could get commissined in the Air Force as I went in enlisted in May 1998, and had a great officer core inspiring me to push myself to the next level.

After graduation, I have completed a Master’s Degree in Business and Organizational Security Management with Webster University. I served in the United State Air Force and GA Air National Guard as an Information Technology Specialist.

What are you doing now? I currently work for the Department of Homeland Security as a technical adviser to the Deputy Chief Information Officer for the Department of Homeland Seurity managing very large IT projects across the enterprise.

Family: I am married to fellow Park University alumni, Deidra Walker-Quarterman. We have a 7 year old son and are expecting a new baby girl in Spring 2018.

Where do you presently live? Triangle, VA

Term expires 2020

Lisa Ray

Park Degree: Bachelor of Arts, 2013

Major: Organizational Communication, Minor-Leadership

Campus: KC Metro, Independence and online

While at Park, I worked full-time at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, while also being a full-time mother.

After graduation, I was promoted from Machine Technician to Supervisor over 30+ employees. I received my Masters in Human Resource Management from Webster University

What are you doing now? I am the Manufacturing Manager at Honeywell FM&T, with my employer I am a mentor, serve on the hiring team, member of the recruiting team, and Lead for the Manufacturing portion of STEM(M). Actively involved in my sorority, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc, Upsilon Zeta Zeta Chapter (Grandview.MO) currently serving as the chapter Secretary and Committee Chair for Z-Hope (Zetas Helping Others Excel).

Family: I have twin boys who are freshmen at Blue Springs South; and Kingston, my goldendoodle. I am the oldest girl of seven siblings, four brothers and three sisters.

Where do you presently live? Lee’s Summit, MO

Term expires 2021

Phillip Reeder

Park Degree: Bachelor of Science, 2012

Major: Business Administration – Management

Campus: Parkville, MO

While at Park, I was a member of KGSP Pirate Radio Club, Painted Pirates. I also was a PSGA Business Manager and Senator. For a year I was Sir George, the mascot.

After graduation, I got a job on Park’s Parkville Campus.

What are you doing now? I currently work for Park University in the Student Financial Aid Services as a Financial Aid Counselor.

Family: I am the second child to Harold and Pat Reeder. My father graduated from Park College in 1992. I’m a native to Parkville and still living here.

Where do you presently live? Parkville, MO

Term expires 2020

C. K. (Charles) Williams

Park Degree: Bachelor of Science, 1996

Major: Management/Human Resources

Campus: Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio

While at Park, I worked part-time at American Airlines and refereed college basketball.

After graduation, I was hired by the State of Ohio. Position: Disabled Veteran Outreach Program Specialist (DVOPS). Continued to work Part-Time at American Airlines until 2008.

What are you doing now? Retired State of Ohio Employee 2013, Retired Air Force Disabled Veteran 21 Years of in1992. In 2015 Hired by the Federal Government Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. Position: Recreation Assistant. Active Mentor/Volunteer for Dayton, Ohio Public Schools 7th & 8th Grade Boys, Board Member Ohio Civil Service Employees Association (OCSEA), Veteran Chairperson NAACP Dayton, Ohio Unit 3999-B

Family: Spouse; Bettie H. and childre; Julio, Antone, Dionne, Quo Vardis, Donilea; and 5 grandsons and 1 granddaughter

Where do you presently live? Trotwood, OH

Term expires 2021

Dustin Woods

Park Degree: Bachelor of Science, 2015

Major: Management

While at Park, I completed my degree with a 4.0, graduating Summa Cum Laude. I befriended more people than I ever intended and loved school like I had never done before. I worked on projects with some of the most talented people, from all over the world. It was an honor. I received the International Honor Society in Business Award and the equivalent from the National Engagement Leadership Award; both of which have small processes to complete.

After graduation, I applied to the grad school and was accepted. I thoroughly enjoy working on projects with fellow students and past alumni. I also worked on a project for grad school where I marketed the wonderful resources that are intended for the active military and veteran’s. I was able to tour the school to a couple of veteran’s and one even applied and was able to get information about activating his Montgomery GI Bill and begin the process of coming to Park University. I received an A in the course, Strategic Marketing.

What are you doing now? I am very busy with my work schedule. I work for Orbital ATK Aerospace and Defense on the Lake City Army Base. I also own and manage MoKan Real Estate, where I am the broker and CEO. I volunteer with Boy Scouts, pack 354 in the metropolitan area. I also coach T-Ball and Start Smart baseball for my daughter and son’s teams in Gladstone, MO. In the past I have volunteered for the Government Affairs committee at KCRAR, the local board of realtor association.

Family: Married, beautiful wife, and 2 children! Jen (wife), Brendan (son), and Emma (daughter). We try to stay busy with fun activities and learning experiences.

Where do you presently live? Kansas City, MO

Term expires 2019

Monica Lynn Zavala

Park Degree: Bachelor of Arts, 2012; Master of Business Administration, 2015

Major: Management Marketing

Campus: Austin, TX

While at Park, I was a member of Model UN and attended the National Model UN Conference in NY City three years in a row. In 2011, I received the John Patton Scholarship as well as the The Danish Institute for Study Abroad scholarship to study Corporate Social Responsibility in Copenhagen, Denmark. I finished my Bachelor Degree in Caen, France studying French as the University of Caen. In 2013, I was member of the first cohort to launch the face to face MBA program at the Austin Campus. I have also been heavily involved in connecting Park at Austin with the National Society of Hispanic MBA’s (NSHMBA).

After graduation, I plan to continue to work with NSHMBA to increase the number of Hispanics seeking higher education and look forward to using my experiences as Park to encourage education for all.

What are you doing now? I am currently working to complete my MBA in December while working a full time job. I am also on the board of the nonprofit Mobile Loaves & Fishes and Florence’s Comfort House.

Family: N/A

Where do you presently live? Cedar Park, TX

Term expires 2021

Dr. Rosemary Fry Plakas

Board of Trustees Liaison since 2016
Current Park University Board of Trustees Member
Former Alumni Council President 1993-95

Park Degree: Bachelor of Arts, 1963

Major: Political Science

Occupation: Historian/ Curator, Library of Congress, American History Specialist, Curator of Americana Rare Book Division. Retired in 2015 after 45 years of service.

Awards: Distinguished Alumna in 1995, Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters, Park University, 2003

Erik Bergrud, MPA ’94

Associate Vice President for External Relations
staff liaison to the Alumni Association
ex officio member of the Alumni Council

I earned my MPA degree while serving as administrator of the then Graduate School of Public Affairs, whose Dean was the legendary Dr. Jerzy Hauptmann. I have taught as an adjunct instructor for both the Bachelor of Public Administration and Master of Public Affairs programs.

Community service is both a personal and professional commitment. From 2011-12, I served as president of the American Society for Public Administration. I have also served as president/chair for the International Relations Council and Parkville Economic Development Council.

During the fall, I am the public address announcer for Park University soccer. My wife, Kimberlee Ried, is a 2016 graduate of Park’s Master of Arts in Communications and Leadership program. Our son, Luke, is a huge Park Pirates fan.

Danita Hodges, ’12

Alumni and Constituent Relations Coordinator
staff liaison to the Alumni Association
staff liaison to the Alumni Council

For 14 year I have found value in my professional life supporting administrators at Park University. Encouraging the students, no matter their age, is the highlight of my day. At the age of 52, I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Human Relations, and became a Park alumna. Proving it is never too late to accomplish a personal goal.

My husband, Jim, and I love to ride motorcycles across the country. We enjoy volunteering and ministering through the Christian Motorcyclists Association. This year we celebrated 40 years of marriage.

We have quite a Park legacy family; my mother-in-law was an employee, my brother-in-law attended Park, my mother received a certificate from Park, two of our children are alumni, our son-in-laws are alumni, and one of their mothers is a Park alumna. I will be interested to see what happens in future with our grandchildren.